Ta Prohm Temple – Siem Reap

Ta Prohm Temple – Siem Reap

Ta Prohm Temple is another of Cambodia’s temples located in Siem Reap. Ta Prohm was built in the 12th and 13 centuries by order of King Jayavarman VII. You should check out the Wikipedia page for more information on the history behind the temple.

Take A Tuk Tuk

Ta Prohm was the second temple I visited whilst on a temple tour by tuk tuk. In my opinion hiring a tuk tuk is the best option to go for. With the tuk tuk tour you get your own driver who will wait for you while you visit the temples and then take you on to the next, before dropping you back off at your hotel.

The whole full day tour of about 8 hours cost $15, and the cost of a 1 day ticket to view the temples was another $20. If you want to spend a little longer looking around you can always get a 3 day ticket for $40 or a 1 week ticket for $60.

If you really want to miss out on a lot of stuff you can take a coach tour. I think you really miss out on the view from the tuk tuk on a coach tho, which was a major part of the experience for me. Besides, who wants to sit on a hot coach stuffed in like sardines with people you don’t know, when you can rent a tuk tuk and see the views and feel the wind in your hair (even though I don’t technically have any) while doing so?

Back To Your Roots

Ta Prohm temple, over the centuries has been made a part of the surrounding jungle. This is mainly because the trees are taking over and engulfing the temple with their roots. Which is pretty fucking awesome to see, actually.Trees outside Ta Prohm Temple

The first things you will see as you walk down the main pathway through the jungle towards the temple is the trees (no shit, Batman). The trees are huge. As you get closer you will see that they are actually now a part of the temple.

The Ents Are Here

Once you get inside the trees take over completely. It kinda feels like an ancient Ent Moot took place here, there are so many (LOTR geeks will know what I am talking about). Aside from the many tourists wandering around, the temple actually has a very calm and peaceful atmosphere surrounding the place.

Roots at Ta Prohm temple

The carvings on the walls of the temple are spectacular and similar style as all the Angkor temples. The work involved in carving them must have been an immense achievement for the time, and they did this using only basic tools.

A lot of the temple is now unfortunately in ruins these days, partly caused by the trees I assume, and also caused during the times when temples changed hands over the centuries. Outside the temple you can still find remains of the old moat, but this is now mostly overtaken by the jungle too.

Look And You Shall Find

This is probably not something everyone who comes to visit Cambodia will be looking for, but I came to the jungle to look for spiders (yeah spiders). To be honest I had to look pretty hard too. I did get to see my first spiders while being here in Cambodia at Ta Prohm temple tho, which is why I mentioned it.

Spider at Ta Prohm Temple

I really came looking for tarantulas and even though this guy was not one it was still a nice find. Don’t be afraid that it’s going to be like some scene from a horror movie here, like I said I had to look pretty hard to find any spiders at all, and have actually only seen 3 in the 2 months I have been living here. You are more likely to see lizards than anything  else.

Check out the full gallery of photos below, and enjoy.

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