Ta Keo Temple – Siem Reap

Ta Keo Temple – Siem Reap

Ta Keo Temple is located in Siem Reap, and it was possibly the first ever Khmer temple built entirely from sandstone. This temple is quite small compared to some of the other temples in the area, but in no way any less spectacular. If you want to know more bout the history of Ta Keo temple you can read all about it on the Wikipedia page here.

Step Pyramid

Ta Keo was built as a 5 stepped pyramid and is quite steep to climb. When you are going up the steps, which are very narrow, be sure to watch your footing. You will also probably want to hang onto the steps above you just to be on the safe side.

Ta Keo temple steps.

The effort of climbing the temple steps is well worth the rewards of the amazing views you will see. You can walk around each level of the temple before continuing up to the next if you need to catch your breath. As you go upwards you will get to see some awesome views of the jungle.

Find The Carvings

There are not as many carvings on Ta Keo temple as you will find on temples like Angkor Wat and Ta Prohm. There are still a few knocking around though (mainly around the doorways), so make sure you keep your eyes open to find them. They are definitely worth it.

Five Towers

As you get towards the top, the 5 towers will start to dominate your view. Once you get up to them you can actually enter the towers. Some of the towers will contain small shrines which you can light incense sticks and leave offerings at.

Shrine at Ta Keo temple

Sea Of Trees

Once you reach the top of Ta Keo temple it almost feels like you are on the top of the world. As you look around you can see the vast jungle surrounding you.

View of the jungle from Ta Keo temple

You should be especially careful when going down from the top of the temple. As I said earlier, the steps are very narrow and very steep. I saw someone trying to be clever, and running down and he slipped and did some pretty nasty damage to his knee.

Somewhere To Chill Out

There were not as many tourists at this temple as with some of the other temples you will probably visit, which will give you more time to chill out, and room to look around. It is also a good place to get something nice to eat from the few restaurants dotted around at the bottom of the temple.

You can view my whole gallery of Ta Keo below:


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