Lizards In Cambodia

Little Lizards In Cambodia

So far I have seen several different types of lizards in Cambodia. I am sure there are way more kinds than the few I can tell you about here. That being said though, I will update this page and the gallery as I see more.

Geckos Are Good

House Geckos (Hemidactylus frenatusare the most common lizards you are likely to see. You will generally see these little dudes after dusk, fucking around on the walls, hunting flies and mozzies. You will find them on any of the walls of your hotel or apartment, inside and outside.

These little geckos pose no threat to you, but they do help to keep the mosquito situation under control, somewhat. Geckos are pretty easily spooked so it can be hard to get decent pictures of them (as you can see from the gallery).

I have not seen any of these geckos bigger than 3″ to 4″ on the walls of my apartment, but I am sure they can get a little bigger than that. Most of the ones I have seen have ranged from 0.5″ to about 2.5″ in length.

The Lizard King

While out and about looking at temples and such I have seen a couple of other kinds of lizard. Again these have not been large lizards but relatively small ones. Not sure what species of lizards I have seen, but I’ aint Charles Darwin.

Skink Not Skunk

There are also several different types of Skink lizards in Cambodia. The skinks I have seen have all been the long and skinny type. So far I have only manged to get a photo of one (the red tail lizard in the gallery), and that was on a tree outside of Ta Prohm temple. These guys are fast as fuck and seem to teleport, so getting photos have been difficult too.

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