Giant Puppet Parade Siem Reap

Giant Puppet Parade Siem Reap

The Giant Puppet Parade in Siem Reap was first established back in 2007 and is definitely something you do not wanna miss if you are gonna be here around the time when it is on.

This year the puppet parade was held on Saturday 6th Feb, but I believe it’s usually around the same time every year. Make a note in your calendar! And check out the official website or Facebook page for more info.

Getting The Local Children Involved

The puppets are made by underprivileged children in Siem Reap. The puppets themselves are made to depict, educational, cultural and ecological themes that are relevant to the community living in Cambodia.

Over 500 local kids take part in the building of the puppets and the parade in general. They also attend workshops designed to motivate and educate them. These workshops are run by student artists from Phare Ponleu Selpak Art School in Battambang.

Local Customs And Endangered Species

Many of the puppets the children make for the Giant Puppet Parade focus on local customs and endangered animals. This year’s puppets were no different.

The first puppet in the parade was of the Red Ant, closely followed by a Lion, Caterpillar and Water Buffalo. Next came some puppets of people playing football (soccer), a Monitor Lizard and lastly the parade ended with a White Duck.

From Start To Finish

The Giant Puppet Parade starts off around the main tourist area of Pub Street before crossing over the river on Hospital street. The parade then follows River Road until reaching National Highway 6. Here it crosses back over the river and makes it’s way to it’s final destination in the Royal Gardens.

Every year the audience for the parade grows. This year there were thousands of onlookers from all over the globe. I spoke to people from the US, UK, Sweden, Russia and Argentina. Everyone had an awesome time. I hope to see more of the Giant Puppet Parade next February. Make sure I see you there!

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