Extending Cambodian Ordinary Visa

Extending Cambodian Ordinary Visa

As far as I know there are only a couple of ways of extending Cambodian ordinary visa. Those are to go to Phnom Penh yourself. Applying directly to the Department of Immigration, 322 Russian Boulevard (Opposite Phnom Penh Airport) which you can find on a map here. Or the option I chose, which is to let a travel company arrange the extension for you.

Extending Cambodian Ordinary Visa

You can extend a Cambodian ordinary visa for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. If you are extending Cambodian ordinary visa for 6 or 12 months you can leave and re-enter Cambodia. This means you can continue traveling to Thailand, Laos or Vietnam and then come back again.

Note: If you only extend your visa for 1 or 3 months and then leave. When you return you will need to obtain a brand new visa.

As I am looking to stay in Cambodia for a while I decided I to extend my visa for 12 months. Now I can always visit my friends in Thailand and then come back home to Cambodia without the hassle of obtaining a new visa each time. I can just go get my extended visa stamped on the way back.

After looking around and visiting several of the many travel companies in Siem Reap I discovered that the price of extending Cambodian ordinary visa for 12 months was going to cost me anywhere from $300 to $350 and a waiting time of 1 to 2 weeks. This was all depending on the travel company used.

At the time I was staying in a nice hotel/hostel called Hak’s House. The hotel is not far from the main tourist area of Siem Reap (Pub Street). While I was checking out to move into my new apartment (I will post about this more later) I got talking to the owner and happened to mention getting my visa extended and the prices I had already been quoted.

The owner told me he could arrange this for me for $293 and the time would take about a week to be completed and returned.

I went back with my passport a few days later and it was sent off to Phnom Penh to be extended. I got my passport back today (about 10 days later) and now can stay in Cambodia until February 2017. I not only saved money on the visa, but also the time and expense of going down to Phnom Penh to do it myself.

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