Welcome To Cambodia. It's a Manc's life...

Who is this Manc In Cambodia?

Andy Jacko - A Manc In CambodiaMy name is Andy Jacko and I live in Siem Reap, Cambodia. I originally came here from Manchester, UK where I worked as a web programmer for roughly 20 years, and have also worked for Vodafone and Credit Expert in the past.

Since I was a child I always wanted to travel the world and see many new and exciting places. I moved to this awesome country in January 2016 after previously visiting and falling in love with the place, the culture, and the people.

For many people, Cambodia is a fantastic place full of  temples, jungles and an amazing culture. For others its just a third world country that they have never really heard anything about. To me, this is the place I now like to call home.

This blog is mainly a general account of my everyday life here. I will also share some of the experiences I have had whilst living and travelling in Cambodia, along with some of the things I have seen and done. As a bonus, I will also be throwing in some information you may find handy if you ever plan on visiting or living in Cambodia yourself.

Some of the things I will be letting  you guys know about are:

  • Information on obtaining a Visa for Cambodia.
  • Places to see, eat and stay.
  • Different scams you will encounter.
  • Different kinds of bugs you will encounter.
  • The local people and their culture.
  • Places and things to avoid.
  • The weather and temperature.
  • Local customs and laws.
  • Tuk tuks and taxis.


I will add a little note here that this blog does contain my own (sometimes strong) opinions, some humor and also a fair amount of swearing. The swearing is not meant to be offensive, it’s just the way I fucking talk. That being said, if you are the kind of person who does get offended easily, you’re probably better off looking somewhere else for your information.