Cambodia 30 Day Tourist Visa

Obtaining A Cambodia 30 Day Tourist Visa

There are several ways of obtaining a Cambodia 30 day tourist visa: When you arrive in Cambodia via airport, when you arrive by land (border crossing) and also an online E-visa. I got my visa by crossing the border from Thailand at Aranyaprathet into Piopet in Cambodia.

The cost of the Cambodia 30 day tourist visa is currently $30. I first obtained my visa in December 2015. The E-visa currently costs $37 and you can get this from the Cambodian immigration website here.

Cambodia 30 day tourist visa

The process of obtaining the visa can vary depending on your situation. If you don’t mind paying a little more and having slightly less hassle then you can have travel companies/touts sort your visa out for you. If you do go down this route you can expect to pay almost double the price and will still have to do a lot of waiting around.

I did the travel company/tout option the first time I came into Cambodia because I was with another traveler. We were also in a group with other people who all did the same thing, so we just went with the flow.

We all took a minibus from Pattaya (Thailand) and were heading for Siem Reap (Cambodia). The minibus ride was pretty uneventful, and when we arrived at Aranyaprathet we were dropped off at a travel company/restaurant.

We were then coerced into buying food from the restaurant while our visas were being “sorted out”. The cost of the Cambodia 30 day tourist visa was 1500 Thai baht (way more than the $30 it should be). If you don’t have a passport sized photo you can get the travel company/tout to take your photo for an additional 200 baht.

I knew I would be leaving Cambodia and returning and needed a business visa but was told it wasn’t possible and would just have to “keep renewing my tourist visa”. I was aware this wasn’t the case but to avoid any arguments and hold the group up I just went along with it knowing I could just get the business visa when I returned on my own.

While we ate the main guy disappeared with all our passports and didn’t tell us what was going on. An hour later he returned with our passports and visas and told us we could then continue to the border. After another short drive to the border we went through the Thai immigration process, which took only about 5-10 minutes.

Once through the Thai side we were met by our guide who told us for a further 200 baht each we could go VIP and not have to wait in line to get our Cambodia 30 day visa stamped ourselves. Again the group wanted to do this so I just went along with it.

After another 30 minute wait we had our passports back all stamped and ready to go on towards Siem Reap. The total process from arriving at the border to coming out the other side took around 1 hour 15 minutes.

The other options are to just get the visa yourself on arrival or get an online E-visa. I would recommend these options just because you have to wait the same amount of time as the tour company/tout option, but it’s just way cheaper.

I will let you know all about getting the visa on arrival process in a future post.

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