Cambodia 30 Day Ordinary Visa

Obtaining A Cambodia 30 Day Ordinary Visa

The process of obtaining a Cambodia 30 day ordinary visa is pretty much the same as obtaining the 30 day tourist visa. If you did not catch my post about that process you can check it out here.

You can get your “ordinary” (business) visa by arriving in Cambodia at an airport or by land (border crossing). I do not believe you can get the online E-visa version of the ordinary visa at this time. Again I obtained my visa by crossing the border at Aranyaprathet/Poipet.

Cambodia 30 Day Ordinary Visa

The cost of the Cambodia 30 day ordinary visa is currently $35. You can check the embassy website for current prices and requirements here.

After my previous endeavor to obtain the Cambodia 30 day ordinary visa last time, and being told I couldn’t get one when I went down the travel company/tout route, I decided this time I would just do everything by myself.

This time I was traveling alone from Bangkok and not Pattaya. I got a bus from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport’s transportation center at around 7:30am (cost 170 baht). The bus ride took roughly 4 hours but dropped us off at Rong Kluea market which is literally right on the border, so there was no messing around with any travel companies.

When you get off the bus though there will be several touts hanging around ready to offer you their service in getting your visa. Because I didn’t have any passport sized photos (again), I decided to let one of the touts take me to have some done for 200 baht. If you already have your photos you can skip this part (recommended).

The tout then wanted me to follow him to get my visa, which I declined. The touts will try to follow you and make you use their services. The best way to avoid this is to already have your photos and just tell them you have done all this before and know what you are doing. I saw another guy who was being harassed by the touts and told him to just follow me as I knew where to go and what to do.

Once we had lost the tout we headed into the Thai immigration section. There was practically no waiting time and was out the other side after about 5 minutes. From there we walked about 200m to the Cambodian immigration side where we had to fill out the application form (provided) and wait about another 5 minutes for our Cambodia 30 day ordinary visa to be issued.

Note: If you don’t have your photo and don’t get your photo from one of the travel companies/touts we found out you can just pay at the immigration desk, where they will take a photo of your passport and use the existing photo from there for $2.

Another short walk of 100m and a 30-45 minute wait later to get the visas stamped and again we were all done. I said farewell to my new friend and made my way back to Siem Reap.

The whole process from arriving at the border to coming out the Cambodian side was a little over 1 hour.

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