Baphuon Temple – Siem Reap

Baphuon Temple – Siem Reap

Baphuon Temple is located in the once Angkor capital of Angkor Thom in Siem Reap. Baphuon is surrounded by some beautiful gardens and long walkways which outline Angkor Thom. You can read about the history of Baphuon on the Wikipedia page here.

Raised causeway towards Baphuon temple.

As you go along the main walkway through Angkor Thom towards Bayon, you will find Baphuon to your right. To get to the temple you will need to walk down a raised causeway of a couple hundred meters to reach it. Be careful to watch your step as you could easily injure yourself if you fall.

Take Your Time

As with most of the temples you will visit, the steps here are very narrow and steep so take your time, and take a break if you need it. There is a lot to see here and you can always admire the views while you get your breath back.Steps at Baphuon temple.

When I was there the place was pretty empty, but I would think that if it gets busy here you could be looking at it taking quite a while to reach the top. That’s because the steps that you are allowed to use will only fit one person going each way at a time.

Be extra careful when you are coming down these steps. If you fall you could not only hurt yourself badly, but also other people who are on their way up.

Amazing Views

Once you do get up to the top however, there are some fantastic views to see of the surrounding buildings and jungle. Make sure you have your camera with you. The temple has also undergone quite a lot of restoration work, but you can still see a lot of the old ruins around the base of the temple.

View and ruins at Baphuon temple.

The temple itself is actually pretty small and will only take about 20-30 minutes to have a good look around. There are not as many carvings on this temple, but it does have a lot of other interesting things to keep an eye out for. You never know, you may even see a few monkeys too.

Laid Back

Baphuon temple also has a Reclining Buddha built into the western side, but the monument was never fully completed. If you do not know what to look out for the Buddha can easily be overlooked. It is not like any of the regular statues you will find at the temples, but it is a part of the temple itself.

Reclining Buddha at Baphuon temple. (not my image)

You can view my whole gallery from Baphuon temple below:


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