Banteay Kdei Temple – Siem Reap

Banteay Kdei Temple – Siem Reap

Banteay Kdei Temple, meaning The Citadel of Chambers is another of the temples at the main temple complex at Angkor, Siem Reap. Built in the 12th and 13th centuries, this temple contains a lot of carvings and ornate towers. If you want to know a little more about the history, check out the Wikipedia page here.

The First Of Many

Banteay Kdei was the first temple I visited on my day tour of the temple complex at Angkor. It was also the location of the first tour guide scam I encountered too. If you get a local who seems to want to tell you a little about the place and you let them, they are going to charge you anything up to a ridiculous amount of $25 for a 30 min tour (you have now been warned).

While that may not sound a lot, if you do this at every temple you visit, you are looking at an extra $100-$150 for the day. Yeah, that’s what I thought too. The tour guide who latched onto me didn’t get his $25 tho, and I ended up giving him $15 just to stop following me and leave me alone. The tuk-tuk driver that drove me around all day and waited while I was looking at the temples only charged $15.

The Carvings Are Awesome

Once you get past the tour guides and start to have a look around Banteay Kdei temple you will see many, many carvings here, which are all elaborate and amazing. You will find carvings on the walls, above doorways and also on the ceilings too. Be sure you take your time and remember to look up a lot or you will miss them.

carvings at Banteay Kdei temple.

Restoration Work On The Towers

There has been some restoration work done to hold some of the damaged towers together, but it is not as intrusive as it may sound. The restoration does not really take anything away from the splendor of the towers, it is there to allow you to see them more as they would have been. Without the work, some of the towers would have fallen into ruins.

Restoration of the towers at Banteay Kdei.

Look Into Every Hole

You really do need to keep your eyes peeled in Banteay Kdei temple as you are likely to miss some amazing things if you don’t. Some of the better photos I took were found looking through the inner windows and down the passageways you will walk through.

View through a broken window at Banteay Kdei.

Inner Courtyard And Pedestal

As you approach the center of the temple you will find a beautifully carved courtyard with a large pedestal in the middle. This main courtyard an be reached from several entrances so it does not really matter which way you walk around the temple, you will be sure to find it.

Inner courtyard and pedestal at Banteay Kdei.

The Grounds For A Moat

Be sure to walk around the outside of the main temple because there are some awesome carvings on the outside walls of the temple also. The moat which would have surrounded Banteay Kdei temple is now long gone, but you can still see the outlines of where it was and walk around it.

Be sure not to wander too far though, or you could find yourself getting lost in the jungle. If you are paying a tour guide $25 though, he won’t let you out of his sight, so you should be pretty safe.

Outline of the old moat at Banteay Kdei.

I took quite a few photos of Banteay Kdei temple which you can view in the gallery below:


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